Friday, March 26, 2010

The Lying Left

Progressives are such crybabies. A few people say nasty things about them and suddenly they're whimpering about being threatened and harassed. And certainly the media jumps about and makes mountains out of molehills, with blaring headlines designed to make the opposition look like ogres out to do in the good health care providers.

We've seen an article about a coffin being left on the lawn of one Missouri democrat. As it turns out, that was a lie; the protesters took the coffin with them when they left. The coffin was representative of all the dead babies to come because of the recently passed legislation. Yeah, sure, Obama signed an executive order. But executive orders can't override legislation.

A Seattle paper had a big deal about someone throwing a rock through the office window of one of their representatives. Some major league team needs to find that rock-thrower -- the woman's office is on the 30th floor, so that was a pretty good toss.

Oh, and we've heard all about the abuse heaped upon legislators, many black. as they ran the gauntlet of evil wingnuts while walking (parading) back to Congress. Big headlines about being spat upon and forced to listen to racist chants of "nigger!"

Odd, that one. There were a number of cameras covering that piece of constructed drama, private and professional cameras, and yet not a one thus far has recorded the word nigger. And, the only thing close to a spitting incident was one protester with his hands cupped around his mouth screaming. Apparently, some spittle hit Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver -- who described the incident as a man "who allowed saliva to hit my face"

Sounds real evil, eh? The guy he described that to, a black columnist, sounds a whole lot more racist and violent than the crowd, as you can see by reading this.

The Left seems to have a short memory when it comes to violence and threats. George W. Bush lived through eight years of malignant outburst from these kooks. Here's just a small sample of the calls for his death. There are thousands more.

The old pot calling the kettle black cliché comes to mind with all this. If you wanna read some nasty, violent shit directed against everybody but progressives, just check the forums at places like MoveOn and Huffington Post. And a lot of other leftist boards and forums. Nobody could equal the nastiness displayed by these pea-brained thugs.

Let's not even get started with some of the horrid things voiced by the Hollywood in-crowd. Certainly, it's okay for someone like Sean Penn to say he hopes all his critics "die screaming of rectal cancer" because, well, because he's Sean Penn. There are many more such examples of verbal diarrhea from the Hollywood Left, but why bother, nothing will convince a dyed-in-the-wool extreme Dim-o-crap.

I actually had no intention of getting into political shit on this blog. But I get so sick of reading some of the crap I've been reading, comments that bear little resemblance to the truth.

There's nothing wrong with having a strong opinion and voicing it. Hell, there's nothing wrong with saying you'd like to see some folks screaming from cancer of the asshole, if that's what you believe; I'd probably like to see/hear some of that myself.

But don't do it and then pretend to be some pristine, reasonable fellow who takes all the abuse from the other side.

In short, don't be a fucking hypocrite.

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